Silverlon Bandages

Argentum Medical, the manufacturer of Silverlon, silver antimicrobial wound and burn care dressings.  Within the military, Silverlon dressings are currently in use in Afghanistan, Landstuhl, SAMMC and numerous kits and sets including TCCC set.  Silverlon is FDA approved for up to 7-day use with a single dressing.  Silverlon is a proven bactericidal against over 150 gram negative and positive microorganisms, is without any known microbial resistance or allergic sensitivity, and is stable under both battlefield and domestic facility usage.

Recent adoption of Silverlon has been based upon its ease of use, its powerful antimicrobial effectiveness, and its lightweight and durability.  Silverlon is manufactured in over 25 different configurations, including multiple sizes of wound dressings, acute burn wraps (rolls), and acute burn gloves which can be used for all types of soft tissue injuries.  Silverlon now has a 7-day Negative Pressure Wound Therapy dressing that allows for extending the change out of the foam kit to 5 to 7 days and Surgical Dressing that have been clinically proven, in in-vivo studies to substantially reduce the rate of Surgical Site Infections (SSI´s).