Lighting sources often show good CRI ratings but may be almost completely devoid of portions of the color spectrum important to the lighting task.  As lamps age, phosphors deteriorate at different rates possibly making the light no longer suitable for the application.  The MK350 Spectrometer will analyze the light in the field or in the lab quickly and reliably. 
The MK350 Spectrometer is the first truly compact, lightweight illuminance spectroradiometer which can be used without a computer for evaluation of next-generation lamps such as LED, OLED and EL illumination, as well as, conventional architectural and stage/studio lighting.  With its advanced sensor and stand-alone design, it will easily measure CRI (Color Rendering Index),   illuminance, chromaticity, dominant wavelength, spectral distribution and color temperature of virtually any light source in the lab or out in the field.  Readings appear instantly on the easy to read 3.5 inch color touch screen with full screen color graphics.  Measurement results are stored via an SD card in raw data MS Excel Format. Includes MoreSpectra software to display the captured data from the spectrometer directly on your computer into Word documents, Power Point presentations, and Excel files, to zoom in on any portion of any graph to closely analyze small details.