- Introduced DVT Portable Trousers

- Introduced Plasma Lighting at ATACCC and SOMA
- Awarded US Army Contract for research on Vibration Criteria for Transport of Patients with Head and Spine Injury Utilizing Injured Porcine Model
- Initial phase expanding MicrobeCare XLP and Plasma Lighting Internationally to India, Latin America, and Australia

- Appointed to Represent the US Army and the United States on the RTG-184 and NATO UAV (ISO) working group
- Partnership with Atlantic Diving Supply to expand military accessibility to medical products
- Awarded US Army Contract for Assessment of Current and Emerging Shock and Vibration Mitigation Technologies for Patient Transport

- Introduced MicrobeCare Covalent Bonding Anti-Microbial at ATACCC
- Awarded Vibration Mitigation Research Grant for the US Army to provide an Industry Survey of Current and Emerging Shock and Vibration Mitigation             Technologies for Patient Transport.
- Appointed as Chairman of the ASTM F30.01.02 Committee on Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft (Active)
- Co-Chair for the organization of the Annual AHEPA Golf Tournament to benefit the Fisher House