Impact produces the largest selection of portable, automatic resuscitator/volume ventilators.  Each model provides the quality, performance and dependability required by patient care providers and their patients. Impact is the only company to produce both aspirators and ventilators that have passed testing and been certified for use on both fixed and rotary wing aircraft for the US military.  This rigorous testing insures that when using Impact products during transport that they are designed to work in virtually any conditions to provide continuous patient care.

The Uni-Vent’s time-cycled, pressure limited gas delivery insures uniform breath rates, I:E ratios and tidal volumes when ventilating any non-breathing patient.  Uni-Vent can also provide assisted breaths to the spontaneously breathing patient.  The 754 Eagle was the world’s first truly portable to incorporate a ventilator/compressor/blender/and electronic peep.  This unit weighs just over 12 pounds, has a graphics display, powerful monitors and alarms, an interactive demo/teaching mode, and a fast startup sequence that allows you to begin operation in as few as three steps.

Built on a decade of experience producing the number one Military ventilator and scientists from NASA working with the most advanced technologies, Impact introduced the 730 series of Ventilators. The 731 is both a pressure and volume driven, compensates for altitude, has integrated SPO2, CPAP and more. It is smaller and lighter than its predecessor and operates for 11 hours on its internal battery. As the 754 set the standard for its generation the 730 series incorporates technology for the next generation of superior patient care.