REEL Splints are the world’s only universal splinting device.  The Reel Splint does what no other splint does by allowing the rescuer to do what every textbook says they should “splint the way they find it”.  The Reel Splint is an extrication and immobilization device that provides for extrication, wound visualization, traction, repositioning, distal stabilization, and limb management.  Traction is necessary approximately 5% of the time and the Reel Splint permit’s anterior and posterior traction.  It also, will bend at the knee (flexion) not hyperextending the leg and allowing for the leg to be in a position of function during traction.  The Reel Splint can also, be used on arms, legs, hips, and shoulders providing for its use during 99% of the time when splinting is required.  This alone reduces the time to transport by eliminating the decision of which splint to use and then figuring out the least amount of fracture reduction to accommodate the other splint of choice.

The REEL Splint is the only splint that significantly reduces or eliminates potential damage to the popliteal artery and the peroneal nerve.

Available in adult and pediatric sizes the pediatric splint also, serves as an ideal adult upper body splint.